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GUESS YOUR NOT A MOM!!!! YOU MAKE IT WORK NO MATTER WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO! (9/23/2018 8:41:42 AM) What a lazy mom to do this ! Having her baby in the cart lik,e this ! So Crazy !! (7/17/2015 8:49:39 PM) Lighten up, it's funny (4/14/2015 6:32:06 AM) finally something for sale at Walmart not made in China (12/9/2014 7:34:27 AM) ... wow, not really making things easier. it probably took more effort to get the pram in the cart than it would have to fold it up. Though i can understand not wanting to wake the sleeping kid. (7/10/2014 5:23:56 AM) IT IS A NICE WAY SO YOU DONT HAVE TO PUSH THE CART AND THE STROLLAR BUT REALLY GROCERIES ON TOP (7/9/2014 1:31:44 PM) Buy a dollar worth of groceries get a kid free! (11/16/2013 2:54:37 PM) lmao (9/12/2013 11:48:18 AM) i cant belive that mom would do that her own baby nononononono bad mommy (10/11/2012 4:33:25 PM) Poor kid his mom needs hung up in her sleep to the outside of her house by duck tape! (10/10/2012 11:42:12 PM) yah i think he is going to need more toilet paper then that (9/23/2012 1:16:10 PM) who knows maybe the kid is happy?????!!!!! !(6/16/2012 9:45:38 PM) sounds good to me (6/16/2012 9:43:19 PM) Its fake r u guys retarded (2/25/2012 7:40:44 PM) That is soooo bad...and I have eight kids.. I could never do that (2/5/2012 7:52:44 AM) Damn why are the using the kid for leverage..... SHAME (1/12/2012 6:15:13 PM) hey its hands free (3/29/2011 7:43:49 AM) is that a doll(3/27/2011 9:17:50 PM) hopefully, that is the stroller that they came into the store with, and not a new one the cashier doesn't charge them for.(3/23/2011 6:05:26 AM) PRICE CHECK ON BABY WITH CARRIER" Register 5(3/14/2011 1:03:19 PM) hope they dont charge me for that kid i found in the milk department(3/4/2011 2:42:59 PM)